Project Participants from Denmark - Researchers

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (project coordinator), Lector, University of Copenhagen and Professionshøjskolen UCC 

I am coordinating the project "Developing the Language Awareness Approach in the Nordic and Baltic Countries" (DELA-NOBA). My main areas of interest include inter- and transcultural pedagogics, language ideologies, language pedagogy and internationalisation of education.

I am a team member of a project supported by the European Centre for Modern Languages of the Council of Europe, the so called FREPA project, which supports the development of plurilingual and intercultural competence in teaching/learning at all levels. FREPA is an acronym for Framework of reference for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. Pluralistic approaches use teaching and learning activities involving several (i.e. more than one) varieties of language, e.g. the language(s) of schooling, foreign languages, regional, minority and migration languages. 

Since 2012, I am running a research project in collaboration with Randersgades Skole, Copenhagen’s International Profile School, which is based on the concept of internationalisation and on the development of students´ intercultural and plurilingual competences, including the effects of early foreign language learning. Furthermore, I am part of a research project focussing on the development of pupils’ international competences in Danish secondary schools.

Selected publications

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