Project participants from Iceland

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Associate Professor, University of Iceland, Reykjavík

Department: Centre for Multicultural Studies. The Centre for Multicultural Studies is located in the School of Education and provides scholars and graduate students with opportunities for resarch in the field of multiculturalism, plurilingualism and related topics.

I am currently participating in two research groups which are conducting research in the fields of multiculturalism and education, "Diverse Teachers for Diverse Learners" and "Learning Spaces for Inclusion and Social Justice". Both of these projects have received funding from Nordforsk and the Icelandic Centre for Research.

Selected publications:

Berman, R., Lefever, S. & Wozniczka, A.K. (2011). Attitudes towards languages and cultures of young Polish adolescents in Iceland. Netla - Online Journal on Pedagogy and Education, University of Iceland. 

Karlsdóttir, I. & Lefever, S. (2010). Kennslufræði annars máls (Second Language Teaching Methodology). In H. Ragnarsdóttir and E. S. Jónsdóttir (Eds.). Fjölmenning og skólastarf. Reykjavík: Centre for Multicultural Studies and University of Iceland Press.

Lefever, S. (2006). Through borrowed eyes – towards an intercultural way of thinking. In L. Cok (Ed.) Blizina Drugosti (The Close Otherness). Koper: Zalozba Annales.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Teacher, Hraunvallaskóli, Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

I have a Bachelor and Master degree in Education. I graduated in 1992 from the Teachers' College in Iceland and graduated with M.Ed in 2011. I taught children from 6-12 years old for many years. In 2009 I went to Norway and taught in multilingual department for children as a bilingual teacher. Now I teach Icelandic to children from other countries who are new in Iceland. I teach Icelandic in Primary 1 and 2 and Secondary 1 (6-15 years). 

Hraunvallaskoli is the largest school in Iceland, it counts 730 students 2 to 16 years old - from preschool to 10th grade. The language curriculum includes the following languages: English, Spanish, Lithuanian, Croatian. Pupils talk Polish, Lithuanian, Tagalog, Visaya, Danish, Norwegian, Croatian, Serb, Thai, Portuguese and more. We have staff who speak Polish, Lithuanian and Crotian and of course, Danish and Norwegian.